Sunday, September 12, 2010

All done

Well, the dissertation is all done, marking the end of my time here at Durham. I've written 15,000 words on smugglers and I'm ready for 100,000 words more, I just need to get someone to write me a check to do it.

I'll be moving on to other pastures in Cardiff. Thanks to everyone in Durham that made it a great year on and off the gaming table. I'm looking forward to moving to Cardiff and hope that the gamers there are as good as they are in Pittsburgh.

Stay tuned for a return to your (more or less) regularly scheduled gaming program. I bought two Firestorm Armada starter fleets and hope to get those pained very soon.


  1. Congratulations!

    But also, doh! I didn't realise you were at Durham uni - out of interest, are there any decent clubs in the area? I'm about 15mins away from Durham city (bus-wise).

  2. Joe, hope all is well and I hope you get funded!

  3. There is a really good club at the Gilesgate Community Centre. Its right by the Queens head tavern.

  4. Good look with your future research and keep posting