Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flying High

Edo, 1870 - The Blazing son press office has just confirmed the launch of their newest aerial vessel, the IAS Tenshi. Capitalizing on the latest anti-gravity lifting device, the Tenshi is slated to replace the older war gyros that have comprised the emperor's aerial fleets so far.

Above are some pictures of my scout gyro conversion. The official models are not out yet, and I'm not too fussed with the preview renders, so I made my own. The one model for the Japanese Faction that I'm absolutly in love with is their flying carrier. I decided to do an all flying Blazing Sun's fleet. I really liked the detail of their much maligned "train ships" so I decided to turn them upside-down by carfully sawing off the pilot house and the AA emplacements. The conversion turned out well. I actually think the Japanese ships look more like ships when you turn them upside-down. Next I'll do a larger war gyro and fill the rest out with carriers. The advantage of flying models is that they are pretty expensive points wise, so I won't need to spend a whole lot of money to get to 1000 points.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dressed to Kill...

converted figures from The Scene UK

from left to right: Rebel Minis, The Scene, Rebel, The Scene, The Scene

Here are some 15mm Post Apocalyptic figures that I converted and painted for a skirmish ruleset that I've been playing with. These represent a reasonably dramatic theoretical shift in the way I aproach 15mm figures. I focused on keeping brush strokes small and paint very thin, which I think pays dividends in 15mm figures. Instead of doing two layers of highlighting after the normal wash of Devlin Mud, I did one especially strong highlight. I used small washers for the bases as well, which I think gives much more visual balance to the finished figures.

Each scale has its own painting challenges. I feel like I'm finally getting to grips with 15mm. The more 15mm figures I paint, the more convinced I am that they can truly supplant 28mm for small sci-fi skirmishes. I think that eventually, I'll be able to paint a 15mm figure just as well as a 28, it's just a matter of technique.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Appliances for all of your spaceship needs

Are you tired of building all of your starship appliances yourself. Do you need ship appliances right off the shelf in a variety of styles and colours?

Well look no further than Joe's Appliance Hanger. We have all the appliances that a spaceworth ship needs to stay flyin'. These prices will not last forever. So come on down!

Here is the lion's share of my 15mm starship furnishings. After some feedback and sugesstion on TMP, I sculpted all of the furnishing that I figure would sell well for 15mm terrain. From Left to right: large veiwscreen, Wepons Locker, Vacc Suit Locker(could be used as a Cryo Chamber as well), Mainframe Cabinet, Computer Console, A chair, and a Bar/Living Quarters Table.

I opted not to do some of the stuff that I though was not useful to everyone, such as toilets and some of the other everyday things that do not get featured in action adventure type scenarios. Stylistically, I tried to straddle the line between sleek high-tech and totally retro. I could see these things used in a Traveller game, or inside a Fallout style vault. I still plan to do a bad and a regular desk and a bed, which should be good sellers as well.

In the meantime. These are for sale with full repo rights. I designed these with castability in mind. There are no undercuts and all the parts are thick enough to cast. Since this is shaping up to be a whole range, I'm willing to promise exclusivity for future pieces to the person who buys the set. If you are interested, email at Kingjoey85 at yahoo dot com.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Information Age

Here are some more 15mm scale control equipment that I sculpted this evening. I had a lot of fun sculpting these up. There a few minor details to finish and things to clean up, but otherwise they are finished. I was trying to emulate Copplestone's excellent resin equipment. The great thing about 15mm is that its about 1/10th the cost of 28mm. You can make a great control room with these pieces for under a fiver.

As usual, these are for sale with full repo rights.