Friday, February 11, 2011

Dressed to Kill...

converted figures from The Scene UK

from left to right: Rebel Minis, The Scene, Rebel, The Scene, The Scene

Here are some 15mm Post Apocalyptic figures that I converted and painted for a skirmish ruleset that I've been playing with. These represent a reasonably dramatic theoretical shift in the way I aproach 15mm figures. I focused on keeping brush strokes small and paint very thin, which I think pays dividends in 15mm figures. Instead of doing two layers of highlighting after the normal wash of Devlin Mud, I did one especially strong highlight. I used small washers for the bases as well, which I think gives much more visual balance to the finished figures.

Each scale has its own painting challenges. I feel like I'm finally getting to grips with 15mm. The more 15mm figures I paint, the more convinced I am that they can truly supplant 28mm for small sci-fi skirmishes. I think that eventually, I'll be able to paint a 15mm figure just as well as a 28, it's just a matter of technique.


  1. VERY impressive - you nailed the Fallout style perfectly with those first two minis. And that minigun conversion looks great - I may eventually convince myself to get those special forces miniatures from The Scene (I love their stuff but those looked a bit too generic for me up to now):)

  2. Thanks Dis!

    I really like the G men figures from the scene (though I am a bit biased since I did some work for them recently). A fedora is pretty easy to sculpt to give them a little extra flavour.