Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flying High

Edo, 1870 - The Blazing son press office has just confirmed the launch of their newest aerial vessel, the IAS Tenshi. Capitalizing on the latest anti-gravity lifting device, the Tenshi is slated to replace the older war gyros that have comprised the emperor's aerial fleets so far.

Above are some pictures of my scout gyro conversion. The official models are not out yet, and I'm not too fussed with the preview renders, so I made my own. The one model for the Japanese Faction that I'm absolutly in love with is their flying carrier. I decided to do an all flying Blazing Sun's fleet. I really liked the detail of their much maligned "train ships" so I decided to turn them upside-down by carfully sawing off the pilot house and the AA emplacements. The conversion turned out well. I actually think the Japanese ships look more like ships when you turn them upside-down. Next I'll do a larger war gyro and fill the rest out with carriers. The advantage of flying models is that they are pretty expensive points wise, so I won't need to spend a whole lot of money to get to 1000 points.


  1. Good work, it does look a lot better.

  2. "Much maligned"? I love the train ships. Although I love the Sky Fortress more, as you do.

  3. A lot of people at my FLGS were not too keen on the train ships. I think they are pretty creative.