Monday, February 7, 2011

Appliances for all of your spaceship needs

Are you tired of building all of your starship appliances yourself. Do you need ship appliances right off the shelf in a variety of styles and colours?

Well look no further than Joe's Appliance Hanger. We have all the appliances that a spaceworth ship needs to stay flyin'. These prices will not last forever. So come on down!

Here is the lion's share of my 15mm starship furnishings. After some feedback and sugesstion on TMP, I sculpted all of the furnishing that I figure would sell well for 15mm terrain. From Left to right: large veiwscreen, Wepons Locker, Vacc Suit Locker(could be used as a Cryo Chamber as well), Mainframe Cabinet, Computer Console, A chair, and a Bar/Living Quarters Table.

I opted not to do some of the stuff that I though was not useful to everyone, such as toilets and some of the other everyday things that do not get featured in action adventure type scenarios. Stylistically, I tried to straddle the line between sleek high-tech and totally retro. I could see these things used in a Traveller game, or inside a Fallout style vault. I still plan to do a bad and a regular desk and a bed, which should be good sellers as well.

In the meantime. These are for sale with full repo rights. I designed these with castability in mind. There are no undercuts and all the parts are thick enough to cast. Since this is shaping up to be a whole range, I'm willing to promise exclusivity for future pieces to the person who buys the set. If you are interested, email at Kingjoey85 at yahoo dot com.

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