Thursday, December 16, 2010

To Infinity And Beyond

This blog seems to have more comback tours than Cher. the dreaded "Real Life" has gotten in the way of the hobby. After finishing my Masters, I've been swamped with work (slinging satelite TV boxes) and fighing the good fight to get some PhD funding for next year. The application to extend my visa finally pushed out gaming in my freetime. Now that that is submitted, i can gte back to painting. Here is the first real painting that I have done in the last month an a half or so.

These are some Infinity Ariadna figures. I got these for cheap on Ebay and painted them in the hope of flipping them once a give a few rounds on the gaming table. The Infinty minitures are supurb and I really wanted to do them justice.

I tried very hard to "up my game" painting wise with these figures. I'm trying to incorprate more wet blending and I'm really focused on the fundementals (paint consistency, brush stroke, and highlight placement). The Camo pattern turned out well but was a real pain to do, being three times the work of a single colour. I'm really pleased with the results, though the photos leave something to be desired. I really need to get bigger lamps and a dedicated photo booth.

I do plan on playing infinity come Janurary. I have some Nomads coming for Christmas and I'm excited to get a brush to them. Stay tuned for mor miniature madness. hopefully I can get some more painting done in the new year.


  1. Looking forward to more Infinity posts, great job on the figs here.

  2. Thanks guys! I'm really looking forward to painting the Nomads over Christmas.