Monday, April 16, 2012

A Glimps of Things to Come

Just a quick update, here are a few previews for the official Department 15mm figure line from Effigy Miniatures. Tom did a bang up job on this first wave of figures, which will be abvailable as soon as they get back form the caster.

I'm really pelased with how these turned out. They will be ideal for The Department and really fill the need for 15mm humanoid robots.

Also, for those of you attending Salute. Any pruchase at our stand will come with a 15% off voucher for this range of figures when they are released.


  1. Superb details. Can't wait to get these painted and on the gaming table :)

  2. Very very nice sculpts packed with story and character. I guess this means I'm in... Looking forward to the pdf release, it will make good reading on my plan trip just after Salute... Which I sadly cannot attend.

    1. I'd love to see what you can do with these figures, Spacejacker.

      The PDF is being release the same day as Salute, so you'll have it in time for your trip. :)

  3. Those are great! Can't wait to add them to my collection... :-)

  4. Incredible stuff! Can't wait for those minis to be released.

  5. Excellent looking figures, Joe, and the pdf looks good, too. Looking forward to a bit of time after the weekend to actually read it.

    Well done to you and the crew for bringing this project to completion.