Sunday, July 24, 2016

News from the Westeros front

Had another game of the Game of Thrones rules that the local group have been brewing. This was the last practice bashup I'm going to get to do till the August campaign starts.

I had forgotten my dornishmen at home, so I borrowed my buddy's Tyrells. We did a 3v3 mash up. I was wiped out to the man. But I'm obligated by journalistic ethics to say the my buddy Ben saved the day with his Danyris and unsullied. Even going so far as to kill the mountain. I should take note for my prince obryn. No doubt he will come across the mountain during the campaign.


  1. Very cool, what figures are you guys using?

  2. Most of these gangs have been kitbashed from all the various plastic historical figures out there. my force were mostly perry men at arms. My opponent are converted men of minas tirith.