Monday, August 31, 2009

Monster Hunters

Here is a photo of some Victorian monster hunters that painted for "Chaos in Carpathia", a game written by my friend Scott Pyle. These guys spent an entire campaign getting maimed by various creatures of the night. One thing you will come to find, gentle readers, is that while I love miniature wargames, I am very bad at them. I blame my lack of skill on a youth spent playing Orks in Warhammer 40k. One does not learn subtlety charging masses of greenskins into the teeth of Space Marine heavy weapons.

But I digress. Here are the monster hunters.

The left most figure is the West Wind Watson figure from their Vampire Wars range. Vampire Wars has some real gems, but they show their age when compared to West Wind's newer figures.

The left center is a West Wind Victorian civilian with an added torch, pistol and bowler.

The center figure is converted from the Foundry Christmas set "The Chestnut Seller." The original chestnut bag was clipped away and replaced with a stake made of an old wire spear. The mallet was made from a paper clip and a section of plastic Q-tip stem.

The right center is a Foundry cowboy with the chestnut sellers head. I suppose I could also use him as a Pinkerton detective in Old West games.

The right figure is an unconverted Vampire Wars figure which has been given a suitably dandyish paintjob. I used him as a mesmerist in Chaos in Carpathia.

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