Friday, September 4, 2009

Hi germani barbari sunt

I figured that I would post a few pictures of my main wargaming project, 28mm barbarians. I have a fascination of all things savage. I did my undergrad thesis on barbarians and I own Conan the Barbarian in at least three media.

Last summer, I began painting 28mm barbarians. I wasn't sure why I was painting them, other than I liked barbarians. Over the year it became an almost meditative exercise. It was always a good standby when I didn't know what to paint. In one year I have managed to paint a collection of about 200+ barbarians.

Those pictured are not the whole collection. I only photographed what I could fit into my 15 War of the Ring bases, which is about 120. I also traded away about 80 painted barbarians during a purge of sculpts that I didn't like. The unpainted barbarian horde remains uncounted, but it weighs about 12 pounds. This will be my main painting project in grad school. Just about every manufacturer that makes barbarians is represented in the horde. See if you can name all the manufacturers.

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