Saturday, September 5, 2009

Short Hairy and Naked

Today I present one of my 10mm HOTT(Hordes of The Things) armies, Feral Dwarves(or pre-hold Dwarves 1200B.C.E - 900B.C.E. if I'm feeling snooty). I wanted some Dwarves, but not the standard Tolkienesque Dwarves that everyone fields. I began to wonder what Dwarven civilization would be like before the formation of complex states(i.e. Dwarf holds). I imagined it would be something between ancient Celts and Polynesian natives. Essentially, a warrior technocracy that was heavily into ancestor worship.

I built an army using 10mm Warmaster miniatures from GW, The giant yak is a mage knight miniature with a scratch built howdah. The giant heads on the stronghold were carved out of polystyrene foam.

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant HOTT force! It was a pleasure turning the hero into a plant!