Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guess Who's Back...

...back again, Joe is back, tell a friend...

Alright, school has has grabbed a great deal of my attention and I've neglected the blog a bit. However, I am back and I will hopefully get back to a more regular posting schedule.

I'm going to start some heavy playtesting for Blue Moon's new Galactic War I rules and I figured that I had Better beef up some of my 15mm sci-fi forces. I have been painting 10mm ancients for the last month and Its time for a change. Although stay tuned for pictures of my new medieval Russian army that I'm going to use in a club Warmaster medieval campaign.

Here are a few vehicles that I plan to use to bolster my gang militia that has been previously featured on this blog. I'm modelling the army after my concept of African militias that one sees on the news occasionally. These are the first three vehicles that I have converted from mainly GZG models. However the pick-up truck looking thing is made from a Pendraken 10mm "not aliens" colonial marine APC. I tore off the turret and turned it around backwards. I think it looks pretty good in 15mm.

I hope you enjoy the picture. Stay tuned for much more 15mm sci-fi as a hastily create two serviceable forces for GWI.

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  1. Very nice Joe! Love the Mohicans!