Friday, February 19, 2010

The Horsemen are Coming Nearer...

Here is a shot of my newly completed 10mm Arab cavalry. The figures are by Iregular miniatures and are based for Warmaster ancients. I'm going count these as Bedouin cavalry.

These have been painted using the technique already mentioned in my previous post on this army. I broke from tradition a little by basing them three figures to a stand. Usually, cavalry are based four to a base. I did this for two reasons. First is that I am a poor student, and I need to get as many points per dollar/pound as possible. Second, I think it looks better to have my Bedouin cavalry in a more “Irregular” formation. I think this basing better reflects their fighting style, as well as adding two more units than I would not have had if I had based them four to a base.

Stay tuned for a few shots of a Warmaster game I played this Thurday.

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