Sunday, February 14, 2010

10mm Jihad

Here's a picture of my new project, a 10mm Warmaster ancients army. These are the first five units of what hopefully will be a 200 point army. The miniatures are made by Irregular miniatures and are some of the best 10mm ancients that I have had the pleasure of painting. I was somewhat apprehensive of ordering the from irregular, since the painted pictures of tehr miniatures are all pretty bad. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the figures. The pictures on irregulars website truly don't do them justice. The details are crisp and the cats are very clean. I really appreciate that irregulars 10mm figures are so well proportioned. From my experience 10mm historicals tend to be a bit big-headed for my tastes.

These figures are a departure from my normal painting technique. I'm usually a die hard black primer guy, but this time I primed these figures white and used thinned down paints that acted as semi washes. I finished them all off with a half thinned coat of GW Devlan Mud. I'm rather pleased with the effect. I'm especially happy with how fast it was. I finished these units in a short afternoon. Next up is a large block of Arab cavalry.

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