Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different...

I though that I had sworn off paper modelling forever. However, I'll do just about anything if a pretty girl asks me to do it.

My girlfriend, who insists that she is too cool for gaming stuff, took a fancy to one of the new Dave Graffam paper models. She bought one of the kits and I, being a good boyfriend, offered to assemble it.

I was really impressed with this model. The details are great. The kit comes with a large amount of high-res files. One set is "single layer" which are ones which you can simply print out. The other "multi layer" have lots of options to subtly change the colours and patterns of the components, so you can print several buildings and have them look different. The model pictured is the single layer sheets printed out on thick paper.

My girlfriend managed to get the most complicated model of the range, the Westgate. It contains a lot of little components that really make the model shine. They also make the model very time consuming to build. It took me about three evenings to complete the model. I would like to note that the balconies are supported by two beams that are fully three-dimensional pieces. I have no doubt that these balconies would support any heavy metal figures.

I can see an entire table populated with these buildings. I'm sure I'll be building more for my girlfriend and myself in the near future. The whole project cost about 8 pounds, including the kit and the printing. It should only be about six pounds, but the print shop here in Durham charges a 2 pound handling fee. Paper buildings have their advantage of being much cheaper than resin or plastic terrain, but I'm not convinced that they save any time.

Overall I enjoyed this chapter in my paper modelling career. Stay tuned for a Broadsword Adventure after action report and an expose on British wargaming.


  1. Nice work, Joe! A fine house to do battle over!

  2. Unfortunatly, this building will be a display piece on my girlfriends shelf. Maybe she will let me borrow it for a game!