Friday, January 29, 2010

I Drink Your Milkshake!!!!!

I drink it up!
Here are a few pictures of a conversion about to get some paint. I have always wanted to do some steampunk fantasy skirmish, but didn't like the ridiculousness of most of Privateer Press' models. So I decided to convert a few to meet my steampunk needs. The above figure is a conversion of a variant of Allister Cain. I romoved the steam generator on his backpack and resculpted the arms. The revolver in his hand is from Wyrd miniatures and the other pistol is an old 6mm plastic space ork heavy weapon from epic 40k. I think he kinda looks like Daniel Day Lewis' character in There Will be Blood. He would work well for any steampunk game, including Warmachine. I figure he would also work as some sort of officer in Rogue Trader.


  1. Looks good. I look forward to seeing it painted.


  2. thanks for the link! cool to see what you're doin' "over there." anyway, this is an amazing conversion job, joe. i am so envious of that idea. i might have to steal it up, joey. steeeeeeeeeeal it up! hehehahAHA! --- i'm finished.