Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally Some Gaming.

The man of the hour. He killed two warp beasts and a face hugger.
The crewman with the melta gun was not so lucky.
My friend Steve meditates on his tactical options.
The "testicle monsters"(as my friends have come to calling them) surround an unlucky kill team member.

The Rogue Trader Victor Von Gregor accompanied by his first officer and three kill team members.
Chief Engine Seer Mordicai Obscura leads a group of armed crewmen.

A big post today. I finally got a chance to do some actual wargaming a few days ago. My friends an I played a skirmish scenario using a slightly modified version of the Dark Heresy roleplaying rules. The game revolved two landing teams from a rogue trader vessel searching a pre heresy planet for valuable archeotech and an ancient STC design for a portable warp portal generator. Unfortunately, this planet was infested with various xenos and warp beasties that made life difficult for our plucky rogue trader and his crew.

The game was a blast. I was really pleased at how our modification made the rules playable for larger numbers of figures. A good time was had by all. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tommorrow I'm off to Pittsburgh. Stay tuned for some exciting after action reports involving my 15mm gangers and spaceship corridors.

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  1. I like the scenario. Was it played as (1)a race to recover hardware ahead of a rival landing party? Or (2)was it two players controlling cooperative teams against the xenos? If 2, did you have a third party controlling the xenos like a GM might do or were they random, as in Kill Team rules or most other solo play guidelines for non-player opponent?