Monday, January 4, 2010

A Starship Not of the Jefferson Variety

All of the starship sections are assembled and furnished. I have used all of my boxes to construct an engine room, two cargo holds, two crew cabin/state room clusters(that contain two cabins each), a corridor, and a bridge.

I'm really pleased at how these turned out. These rooms can be reconfigured into a lot of configurations and can be added to or subtracted to make any size of ship. The current configuration is 23.5 inches end to end. There is plenty of room to fight an maneuver. Maybe I will add some more sections before I leave but first I have to paint the ones that I have.

I also need some door clips. I have a made a master for my doors, but I need to figure out the best way to cast it. I have been thinking of using plaster.

Next up should be some painted pictures of the sections and accessories. Stay tuned for some after action pictures as the ship makes it maiden voyage to Pittsburgh.

Also, I am stumped as to what the name of this vessel should be. Please post your suggestions in the comments below. The name chosen will receive a shout out in the next blog post!


  1. Very cool, I will have to try my hand at some of these, they're great.

    Ship name? It's small, light, and presumably fast. Based on its shape, I like 'dart', and being a sucker for alliteration, named after the captain (or planet, system, whatever...)

    Drazen's Dart, Dart of Drazen, or the like.

    (drazen being slavic for 'precious')

  2. Name? Why, the SS Grace Slick, of course!

  3. If you make it a little larger, call it the SS Madame De Pompadour, after one of my fav Doctor Who episodes.

  4. How about "JBox", a pocket rocket for the stars.