Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Styrene Corridors

I finished one of the junction box cargo bays with another on the way. The above pictures are of the two rooms connected with one of my prototype doors. The doors are actually styrene clips that hold the rooms together and indicate the position of the door. Later I am going to drill holes at the top of the clip which will hold pegs that indicate whether the door is open, closed or locked. I'm not really happy with the initial door design. I plan on making more doors based off of some interesting packing material that I salvaged from a new printer.

The airlock in the third picture is removable and will have the same peg system as the doors. The figures in the pictures are the GZG "Not Firefly" crew.

More spaceship interiors to come. Next up are the crew quarters and the bridge.


  1. This is an excellent way of constructing a spaceship, dungeon, or building complex. The door prototype looks good too. The pegs for open, closed, locked is clever.

    Like many others, I will be borrowing this idea.



  2. what adhesive are you using for the floor netting. Hot glue will melt that soft platic so I am curious what you are using. PVA maybe? Aileens?

  3. If I know Joe, he's likely using Zap a Gap. It's terrain I'll be happy to have my minis die in!


  4. Sorry for the late reply. I just noticed that I had comments on my entries! I'm using a clear tacky glue to adhere the floor surface to the junction box. The floor is the hardest part of each room. The mesh(which is very fine needlepoint mesh from Michaels) tends to warp. The trick is to apply lots of glue and weight the whole floor down. Hope that helps.