Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It Ain't Easy Being Greens

I usually don't like to post pictures of unpainted figures. However I wanted to show off the conversion work on these figures before they get a lick of paint. Above are one of the three major hair-defined gangs that will inhabit my future city, the Domes. The Domes are known for wearing long coats, shaved heads, and shades that conceal their eyes.

The original figures are all from GZG. The humans (bottom picture)are their ravagers with haircuts and dusters modelled on where appropriate. The centre figure and the one on the far right are from their "not Firefly" pack. You can see where I greenstuffed the shades, long coats and collars where needed.

The aliens are also from GZG. The far left and right centre are from their new crusties pack. I got the pack for free with my Christmas deal. The figures are great with a lot of character, perfect for district 9 style games in an alien slum. I think I'll clip the guns off of the remaining figures and make them civilians. The far right is one of GZG's alien mercenary "not Fifth Element"aliens. I added the long coat and extended the gun with the muzzle of a plastic Kroot long rifle. The left centre came about as a happy accident. I was trying to remove the hair from a female figure in order to make another type of ganger. After the hair removal was complete, I found that I had made this cool spikey fringe around the models head. I'm not sue if I'll pain the model as a human with a wacky collar or as some funky alien with shoulder spikes. Either way she has descended into a life of crime.

Here are pictures from the originals from the GZG website.

More 15mm sci-fi stuff on the way! I have another gang and civilians painted up. I'm just looking for a better bulb for my light so I can do them justice in photographs.

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