Monday, December 21, 2009

A little Change of Pace

After being sealed in various flying or rolling tin cans, I am finally back on American soil. I did not bring my paints so I'm limited to modeling and painted with limited colors. I was trying to figure out what hobby project i will undertake during my month home, when i had an epiphany in the shower about how to make some really cool 15mm terrain.

I went to Lowes and bought a bunch of plastic junction boxes used for household wiring. After cutting off the external tabs, I embellished the interior with styrene and parts from an old spaceship model that i bought a few months ago. Above is my first attempt at one of these rooms. Its an engine room.

The idea behind using junction boxes for rooms is that they can be butted up against one another to create a whole bunch of different ship and or building interiors. They're also pretty cheap, about 1.50 from Lowes. And since its 15mm, it is reasonably compact and storable.

More ship interior moduals to come. Next up is a larger cargo bay made from two boxes. I also have a cool idea for the doors and bulkheads thats on the list of things to do.