Friday, December 11, 2009

Do You Feel Lucky....... Punk!

Here is the second major gang in my 15mm sci-fi city, the Hawks. The Hawks had their origins in a human supremacist movement but expanded into criminal activity shortly after. They are characterized by their distinctive coloured mohawks and intentionally rattly clothing.

The models are all converted from GZG ravagers. I trimmed down the hair with a pair of dikes and sharp knife. I sculpted the mohawks over the resulting bare head. The heavy weapons guy is a GZG alien mercenary "i.e. their not Fifth Element aliens" with a head swap and a greenstuff mohawk. I also added the belt feed over his shoulder with greenstuff. In hindsight I probably should have made the rounds on the ammo belt a little more pronounced. I'm still getting the hang of converting 15mm figures.

That being said I'm having a much easier time converting 15mm than I thought. You just have to "think in scale" and make sure you don't try and add details that are too small to be noticeable. If you look at some of the figures faces, i may have strayed a little with my knife, giving some gangers impressive scars. I kinda liked the effect and decided to go with it whilst painting.

I'm not sure what to do with the bases yet. right now they are just bare GW modelling sand. I may paint them to look like asphalt or just leave them the deserty colour in case i want to do some Post-apocalypse gaming.

I hope you enjoy them. There is more 15mm sci-fi street violence on the way!


  1. Very cool -great conversion on the Alien Mercenary!

  2. Good looking stuff. We must skirmish on your return to the states!