Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack...

After A long hiatus, I have finally gotten back to painting. I've spent the last two months acclimating to Durham and English university life. I haven't had much time for hobby related stuff between coursework and socializing(having the student bar 100 yards away from one's flat dosen't help either).

Since I'm planning to live transatlanticly for a while, I figured that a major move to 15mm would facilitate transporting figures across the pont. Also, on a student budget, 15mm makes more sense. There are some really great 15mm manufactures out there producing figures every bit as characterful as the best 28s out there.

Above are some splintered light Saxons that I have painted for a planned 15mm Dark Age skirmish project. These figures were a joy to paint, i lavished a little bit more detail than I normally would on 15's. The pictures are not my best work. but I'm getting used to photographing miniature in my room.

Stay tuned for some 15mm sci-fi. I took advantage of GZG's Christmas deal. I'm working on a whole gaggle of sci-fi civilians and gang bangers for a 15mm sci-fi city inspired by my friend Scott Pyle's Starport 3030 project.

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