Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some Naked Capitalism

This isn't this weeks main blog post, but I have decided to sell me painted wab ancient German army. Don't worry, I'm still heavily invested in barbarians. Back in the US I have 12lbs. of unpainted ancient German figures. I'm getting rid of these in the interest of space and that they are more useful to me as cash rather than sitting in my case. I cant say I'm terribly fond of the WAB rules either. Warhammer isn't as much fun without the dragons and magic. Also I figured out that I will never paint enough Germans to have a decent army. This collection here represents around two years of work and only comes to around a 1000 points. Onward and upward. Its time for some new projects.

Here's a picture of the whole army.

Here is a link to the ad on the miniatures page. I would like £450 but I will accept all reasonable offers. you can see the full details in the ad.

This type of post will not happen often. This is just a big sale and I want to make sure I get all the offers I can.

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