Thursday, June 23, 2011

Labors of the Layout Guy

Well, I've been away for a while, but its not without a good reason. See, I have not been painting figure in order to do another gaming project. I've been working on Labor of the Gods, the first full colour Goalsystem book. Here are some sample pages from the finished book. I did most of the interior illustration. The cover was done by Dave Powell and has a cool retro feel to it.

I'm working on the new Goalsystem book, Blasters and Bulkheads. Hopefully I'll be back with some cool preveiw and development stuff for that book as well.


  1. Great job! I'm really excited about B&B, looking forward to seeing more.

  2. I've enjoyed reading some of the initial posts - well done so far.


  3. I ordered the PDF when I saw it was announced on TMP. Dean