Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not so Long Ago in Galaxy Far Far Away

Its a good time me right now as a some freelance projects that have been in development are finally entering production. It with a proud tear in my eye that I annouce that Galactic War I has gone on Sale.

I worked on Galactic War I last year with Scott Pyle and Sky Hernstrom. I contributed some core rules, but I was primarily responsible with writing the army lists (Sky wrote all the flavor texts). My most proud moment during development was that I got to name the little 15mm Yeti like creatures that seem to be one of the more popular items in the miniture line. It tickles me to see a name that I made up used around the net.

The Twanax!

You can purchase the book here. Buy the book and make sure that I get more work.


  1. Congratulations Joe, you should be very proud of this. Cool cover too!

  2. Good work Joe! It's always great to see something you've had a hand in finally go to market.