Friday, July 1, 2011

Galactic Info

I've been patrolling the various news sites looking at the Galactic War I announcement, and one of the most frequent request was for some basic information about the rules. I figure I would take this opportunity to do a little write up about the rules.

First off, the rules are Company level rules meant with 15mm in mind. Though they can be used with 28mm with a little adjustment to the ranges and movement distances. Armies consist of several units which are made up of three to six infantry fireteams or vehicles.

The system includes rules for all kinds of cool sci-fi troop types that include walkers, grav vehicles, and giant fliers the can not only transport large quantities of infantry, but also vehicles as well.

The Universe is meant to be a pretty open and accessible space opera. It's not hard sci-fi, but its not Skullz(TM) either.

Ther are 7 forces to choose from that range from the forces of Terra, to mysterious psychic aliens.

Mercantile Collective: Mercenary companies that fight for a sovereign corporate free trade zone.

Universalist Military Forces: A militant religious movement that relies heavily on psi support for their armies.

Post Human Liberation Force: Escaped clone slaves that are fighting against those that would seek to enslave them again.

Orion Republic: Humans the rely on heavy armour and large flying dropships.

Terran Confederation: Humans that have a good mix of solid infantry and heavy walkers.

Ferreen Raiding Force: Psychic aliens that fight alongside other savage alien creatures.

The Arlocks: Nomadic aliens that use traded or salvaged vehicles from other faction in their armies.

Though the rules are meant to go with Blue Moon's extensive 15mm sci-fi range, several of the army lists have been written to allow other manufacturers' figures in the force without contradicting the fluff.

I hope that gives you a better idea of the rules. Feel free to ask any questions you may have ion the comments or shoot me an email or a PM.


  1. Thanks. I'd still like to know about mechanics.

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  3. Id like to know some very basic information about the rules such as basing conventions eg how troops are based, preferred base sizes, average number of points for an army, recommended size of gaming area, plus hardback, softback, how many pages, chapter headings, mechanics?