Friday, July 1, 2011

Speaking Mecanically

Here are some Sample pages for the new GWI Rules. I tried to select some that explain some key rule points and shows off some of the awesome art and Karl Perrotton's great layout that's in the book.

For those of you looking for some more information on the rules themselves I'll summarize some of the key points of the rules.

Alternate Activation - Units the consist of several stands of infantry or vehicles activate one at a time and their constituent stands (called fireteams) and vehicles operate within their units command radius.

Combat - Combat is resolved on a opposed roll on 3D6 modified by weapons quality, armour, and shields.

Extra Rules - The book includes rules for spotting, sensors, bailed out vehicle crews and psionics.

Combined Arms - Army list include rules for infatnry, tanks, hover vehicles and flyers.

Full Army Design Rules - Use one of the six included army lists or use the complete army design rules to create you own. The build system is meant to be flexible but balanced.

Hope that Helps. Feel free to ask any additional questions.


  1. Congrats Joe! Scott, Schuyler, you and your play-test team have got to be proud of this one.

  2. Great layout Joe, lovely to look at.

  3. That's the fine work of Karl Perrotton on layout!


  4. Any chance of a pdf release of the rules?

  5. Interesting ruleset, will be downloable in PDF?

  6. No plans to sell in PDF. It might be available in the future.

    Thanks for the interest guys!

  7. I hope a PDF is considered. The rules look worth looking into but I have no interest in waiting for a printed rulebook to come from Old Glory/Blue Moon Manufacturing.