Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pedagogical Techniques

Ask and you shall receive dear readers. I'm devoting this post to my painting technique fore my Dystopian Wars painting technique. Here is picture of one of my painted and rigged battleships. I was bestowed one of the highest nerd honours last week when my FLGS offered a place in their display case for my DW fleet.

This is the first blog post that uses a photograph taken in my new photobooth. My pictures are getting better, but as they do, they are revealing the painting mistakes that the poorer photos hide.

Without further ado here is the recipe for my quick and easy DW paint scheme.

Prime White

  • Basecoat with Vallejo Model Colour German Beige Camo.
  • Wash with GW Devlan Mud(the thicker the better).
  • When dry, paint the panels with German Beige Camo leaving the areas around the rivets and seams darker.
  • Pick out the hard edges and the gunwales with Vallejo Model Colour Iraqi Sand.

  • Basecoatwith Vellejo Model colour Mahogony Sand.
  • Wash with GW Devlan Mud.
  • Drybrush with 50/50 mix of VMC Ochre Brown and Saddle Brown
  • Lightly drybrush with 50/50 mix of the above mixture with Iraqi Sand

  • Windows were just filled in with VMC Deep Sky Blue
  • Metal was done with basecoat metal(GW Tin Bitz, Bolgun Metal, Etc), washed with Devlan Mud and highlighted with GW Chainmail.

I hope that helps. Its dead easy and makes a good, quick result.

Stay tuned. I photographed my process for rigging and should be releasing a tutorial soon.


  1. Very nice work. Eye-catching for sure. Thanks for taking the time to list the colors and method too. Dean