Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Light, Crisp, Refreshing

Two blog posts in one week, stop the presses!

Here are two vending machines that I sculpted. On the right is a modern vending machine and on the right is a "retro" version that would be good for pulp or PA. As always, these are for sale. I'll be doing a few more pieces like this for 15mm street/interior furniture.

I have a dream. That I will be able to build a furnish a 15mm sci fi complex without having to scratch build every piece of furniture.


  1. I have the same dream. I've got some ideas but a lot of them involve mold making and casting..And I don't know if I have the patience.

  2. That's what been stopping me, Space Jacker. I built some paper corridors, and I figure If I can get some furniture cast, I can decorate these paper corridors with metal furniture.

  3. I had the dream too, but it died a long time ago.

  4. I can help you with this guys, for about $30 each we could do a master mold with my casting people. Sharing is caring, so let me know.